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Stephon Marbury Responds to Jay-Z Diss From 7 Years Ago! / Jay-Z Responds to Lil Mama

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During the past few months Stephon Marbury has taken us on the road of drugs and crazy stuff in his home (car lol) videos.

This time he is going at Jay-Z...but for a song dissing him 7 years ago???

Jay's lyrics say, "Don't confuse me with Marbury...Run up on me at the light/ You could lose your life. "

Suddenly Marbury feels the need to respond to this! LOL

He starts the video intensely saying
"You ain't gonna kill nobody."
"You was not doing no life sentence in jail for the rest of your life. Let's stop that. Stop tricking people. Stop making people believe that. That's foolishness. That's exactly what that is. You know you not shooting and killing nobody. You don't got no heart to shoot nobody in they brains right in front of them and say, 'Okay, bring me to jail.' What you gonna do? Go run?"

He calls him a Camel and more...

Now, I haven't heard word from Jay-Z yet but he did respond to what Lil Mama did!

"To interrupt that moment for us, I don't think that was the right thing to do," Jay said.

Jay also compared the Mama incident to Kanye West spoiling Taylor Swift's winning moment. "It was a lot of planning that went into that performance. To disrupt that was outta line," he said.

Hov also said Mama's actions angered him, but there wasn't much he could do when she came onstage uninvited. "What I'mma do, fight Lil Mama?"


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