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Mariah Carey Unrecognizable In New Movie!

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Mariah Carey is unrecognizable in her new movie – because she doesn’t wear make-up.

The singer-and-actress had to tone down her glamorous appearance for ‘Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire’ – where she plays a dowdy social worker – and says cast and crew were shocked with the results.

“It was cool, because a lot of people in the film don’t recognize me – they don’t notice me – and that to me, was the great gift that the director Lee Daniels gave me, to be able to go that far away from who I am."

Have you read this book? I hear it is intense!

Despite being pleased with the end results, Mariah initially put up a fight when she was first told she would have to tone down her appearance.

Mariah turned up on set for her first day with a collection of extravagant hair pieces and cosmetics only to be informed she wouldn’t be needing them for the film – which is due for release on November 6.

She told OK! magazine:
“I brought in all my wigs for the character, and Lee was like, ‘No. This is not happening.’ It really brought up what everyone was going through was not about that.”

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