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Think Chris Brown got off easy?...A Turkish court sentenced FLOWERS to be given???

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A court in southeast Turkey has ordered a man charged with domestic violence to give his wife flowers, regional media reported on Monday.

Hayrettin Cetintas was handed the unusual sentence after a judge in the city of Diyarbakir learnt that the man regularly beat one of his two wives and his 10-year-old son.

The judge ordered him to present his wife with a bouquet of flowers once a week for the five months he is to spend on probation and also to read five books on how to raise children.

During the hearing, Cetintas also confessed: “I don’t know the birthday of my first wife or when we got married. I’ve never given flowers to her, either,” the Anatolia news agency said.

“It is possible that I might have beaten one of my children when I was tired,” he went on.

wow *smh*

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