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Debbie Rowe wants CUSTODY of MJ's kids!

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It was bound to happen. Debbie Rowe told an NBC affiliate this morning that she does intend to fight for custody of the two children she had with the late singer Michael Jackson. Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11, are her children and Rowe stated she would submit to a DNA test to prove it, as well as to undergo psychological testing to prove she is fit.

In addition, Rowe has stated that she will file a restraining order against Joe Jackson, Michael's father, to keep him away from the children. Michael Jackson famously alleged that Joe had abused him as a child, which is most likely why Rowe intends to file a restraining order.

In related news, Rowe stated that she would accept custody of Blanket, 7, as well, although she does not expect that the Jackson family will make her the offer. She does not want to pull the children apart but feels that she must "step up" as a mother to her children.

At this point, Jackson's will stipulated he wanted his 79-year-old mother Katherine to be the guardian of his children.

If she was unable to accept this, he asked that DIana Ross become guardian. Katherine was granted temporary custody of the three children earlier this week. Another hearing is set for Monday although both parties request a delay until July 13. SEE MJ's WILL- CLICK HERE

Hopefully this will not turn out to be a bitter, drawn-out battle but it doesn't appear that it will be settled easily. Rowe was left out of Jackson's will intentionally, which may give some indication as to his feelings towards his former wife. It is interesting, however, that he left his children to his mother given his sour relationship with his father. Surely he wouldn't want the man who abused him to be around his own children. The Jackson family is adamant that they will do what they can to retain custody of Jackson's children. Undoubtedly, a lot of drama and dirt is sure to spill from both sides during this custody fight.

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