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Rihanna's ready for her COMEBACK!

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If the rumors are true, Princess RiRi's upcoming album is going to be legendary!
Unknown sources over at Def Jam are talking up Rihanna's latest musical venture, remaining pretty hush hush over the specifics but giving some teaser info!

Ri's working with a whole gang of collaborators: Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Soulja Boy, Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams, just to name a few!

The album will reportedly be a complete change in sound for the Princess, with more rock and pop notes than the last album. Ri's apparently been extremely particular about song choice for the album and has been slaving over the lyrics and melodies, those of which sources at Def Jam are saying will "mark the spirits forever."

There are also said to be a number of duets on the album, one of which was apparently to be with Chris Brown but was quickly canned after, well.. you know.

The album name will be kept under wraps until the "last moment," but Def Jam insiders say the album will highlight a more mature, original Rihanna than we've seen in the past.

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