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Drake Explains his Video and Universal Appeal, "Even When I Cater To Women, Men Benefit"

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Rap newcomer Drake recently spoke on his hit-making ability and why he aims to cater to both men and women despite mixed reactions from his racy "Best I Ever Had" music video.
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In addition to speaking on his music, the rapper also touched on his upcoming debut album.

"Even when I cater to women, men benefit from it," Drake told DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. "I'm catering to everybody and the greatest thing about it, doing the music that I'm doing, I just speak about myself but some real hood dudes have come up to me like 'I feel that because you're being honest and you're not stepping out of your realm.' I'm just gonna be myself on the record...The album is called Thank Me Later and it's just so much hype going on with everything...I feel like I can have the hottest records in the world and people will just be like, 'Nope, that's not it, I expected more.' But I think if it doesn't grow on you initially, it will grow on you in due time...Those [mixtape] hits weren't hits when I made them. Like when I made 'Successful,' I didn't like 'Successful' and when I made 'Best I Ever Had,' I didn't say this song was gonna go number one. It's very unassuming. I'm a very unassuming artist. I just make the music and it does what it does. I'm hoping I can keep that natural creation process for the rest of my career." (Radio Planet TV)

Drake recently broke down his ability to balance singing and rapping on records.

"The balance of singing and rapping has been blurred ever since I did So Far Gone [mixtape]," he said in an interview. "I mean, I don't really have a formula for that. I don't say, like, 'OK, I can only sing this hook or I want to rap this.' I just really hear a beat, and it's like, 'If I can write to it on a hip-hop level, if I can pen some raps to it, then that will work.' And then maybe after I do that, I'll get in the booth and sing a little part of the verse." (MTV)

Drake's "Best I Ever Had" video caught the attention of rappers including Skillz, Consequence and Juelz Santana.

"A!I just saw the Drake Video," Santana wrote earlier this month. "I was Disappointed i think it could of been better.Jus my Otwinion.The song is still hot tho the Chicks was bad" (Juelz Santana's Twitter)

Drake later explained the concept behind his music video.

"The concept of the video is, I'm a coach at a high school and the girls of my life are all on my high school basketball team," he explained. "Throughout the video you see us prepping for this big championship game, and my team ends up losing. You see the looks on their faces at the end of the video, but the moral of the story, I guess, is win or lose, you can still be the best to somebody. When women see the video and see all the breast and a**, hopefully they don't take offense. Hopefully they see the real meaning."

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