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Michael Jackson's funeral arrangments are set! Will Neverland be a public attraction? Joe Jackson promotes his label!

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Michael Jackson funeral arrangements include a public viewing at Neverland Ranch
It's official, Michael Jackson's funeral plans include a public memorial service this Friday. Michael Jackson's body will return to his Neverland Ranch on Thursday morning for a public viewing on Friday, CNN reported. A private memorial service is scheduled for Sunday.

Many Michael Jackson fans from all over the world have been waiting for funeral arrangements to be announced. It is unknown how many fans will be able to make the trip to Neverland.

If you want to attend Michael Jackson's public viewing, Neverland Ranch address is 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road, Los Olivos, CA 93441.

Where will Michael Jackson be buried?
According to CNN, The Mayor of Gary Indiana, Rudy Clay said Michael Jackson may be buried in Gary. Michael Jackson was born in Gary Indiana so a burial there may be fitting.

Is it true that Michael Jackson will be buried at Neverland?

Reports says the Jackson family is said to be discussing the idea now. Michael Jackson's grave at Neverland could become a public attraction.


At a press conference, with a little help of the Rev. Al Sharpton, Joe Jackson attempted to clear the air regarding comments he made during a CNN interview at the BET awards. Joe Jackson took time during his CNN interview to promote his new record label "Ranch Records". Many Michael Jackson fans were outraged at his remarks. Watch the video below of Joe Jackson CNN interview. Around the 4:20 second mark he speaks of his new record label.

Al Sharpton said "Michael would have wanted his family to continue his work". So that's the reason that Joe Jackson promoted his new record label just days after his son's death?

Joe Jackson said he was asked a question about his record label last night and that's why he spoke of it.

Joe Jackson has also made it clear that Michael's three children belong in the care of him and his wife Katherine. He said the kids are happy at his house and they are around other children their age now.

Despite reports, Joe Jackson has denied that Michael Jackson will be buried at Neverland Ranch after his funeral...

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