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50 Cent says he is still NUMBER ONE!

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Despite the decline in sales from 2005’s The Massacre to his last album, 2007’s Curtis, as well as a shift from gangsta rap’s overall popularity, 50 Cent still considers himself to be on top of the rap game. XXL recently caught up with the self-described “SoundScan Killer” to speak on his place in hip-hop’s current climate, how his sales stack up to Lil Wayne and the undeniable staying power of Jay-Z.

While he admits that mentor Eminem ranks higher than him on the list, Fif is quick to point out his dominance over Weezy. “What does that mean that you sold that,” he told XXL pertaining to Wayne’s last album, Tha Carter III, selling one million copies in its first week out last year. “So you gonna forget that I sold 10 million albums twice -12 million first album, 10 million next one. So what does that one million mean?“ [Watch Below]

50 believes fans are quick to forget his history; getting caught up in whoever is hot at the moment. “What you’re talking about is who is a buzz,” he explained. “A buzz is a song. So the next song that I release can turn me back into what you feel like is the hottest thing out here. So I mean if I’m showing you full capability of it than what makes you doubt that.”

50 points to fellow heavyweight Jay-Z, who he feels consistently finds a way to stay relevant. “There’s a respect that is well deserved on Jay-Z’s part because he’s had that cloud come over him and constantly worked his way through it, having so many projects come out and be successful and maintain meaning,” he said. “There’s a significance in it. Because they go, after countless amounts of hit records, they go ‘You think you can go out and do it again’. Ask me if I think he can do it again, ‘hell yeah,’ cause he did it how many times in front of us. What makes you think he can’t do it again”

“We get those moments where people decide to doubt and I’m fine with it,” he adds. “You know and then they’ll change their mind and I’ll tell em suck my dick, kiss my ass and everything else at the same time because they decided to doubt for that small time period.”

50 is currently prepping the release of his long-delayed fourth solo album, Before I Self Destruct. As of press time there is no solid date but it is rumored to be dropping in late fourth quarter.

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