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95 South Talks About Creating "Woot There It Is" Song (TOTT Exclusive Interview)

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Growing up in the 80's and 90's,
Miami Bass music (aka booty music) took over the hip-hop scene. 
Songs such as Tootsie Roll (The 69 Boyz), C'mon N' Ride It The Train (Quad City Djs) and I Wanna Rock - Doo Doo Brown (Uncle Luke) lit up dance floors and radios all over the U.S. 

It inspired the creation of other music genres, like the electronic dance music genres of ghettotech and booty house, which combine Detroit techno and Chicago house with the Miami bass sound.

There is even a discrepency that has been lingering around for years of the inspiration behind songs such as, "Woot There It Is" and "Whomp There It Is," which came out around the same time. 

"Woot There It Is" (95 South) was released in March 1993 and "Whoomp There It Is" (Tag Team) came out two months later.

The songs are basically identical, down to the music videos. 

"Woot There It Is"

"Whomp There It Is"

So who actually created the song first?? caught up with 95 South, the 69 Boyz and Quad City Djs to clear up some of these discrepancies.

You don't want to miss this. 

Watch a snippet of the interview below: 

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