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We Read Hitler Quotes to Donald Trump Supporters, and You Won't Believe Their Responses!

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Donald Trump has become extremely popular in the polls and, well, his supporters seem to always back him up.... no matter what, as displayed on this video.

SoFlo conducted a video, which now has over 4 million views in just a few hours, where they read Trump supporters Hilter quotes and no matter what the reporter said, they agreed. Even though they were actual quotes from Hitler, former head of the Nazi Party, and not Trump. 

Watch it unfold below:

We read Hitler quotes to Donald Trump supporters, and you won't believe their responses! #SuperTuesday 󾍁️󾍁️󾍁️󾍁️󾍁️󾍁️󾍁️
Posted by SoFlo on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Who do YOU think should be the next President of the U.S.?

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