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This Got Ugly Quick! Tomi Lahren vs Charlamagne Tha God on Black Lives Matter and Beyonce

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Update 2/17/16:

A whopping THREE protesters reportedly showed up outside of the NFL headquarters for this Beyonce protest.

It ended up being an Anti - "Anti Beyonce Protest"... with all of Beyonce's supporters...

According to reports, One protester, named Ariel Kohane, tried to give a valid reason as to why his squad was MIA. 

“It is scheduled from 8 to 4 p.m.; it's a business day. Also, the weather; the rain turned a lot of people away."
Ok buddy... lol


 In case you missed it, Beyonce's performance at the 2016 Super Bowl still has everyone talking!

She decided to use her power of the microphone to address police brutality of black people... and THAT has ruffled quit a few feathers. But why we ask?

Why are people offended that she used her platform to bring light to racial issues? 

Take a listen to this young reporter by the name of Tomi Lahren and she will tell you. 

Her thoughts on the performance went viral and backfired big time. 

Radio DJ, Charlamagne tha God from Power 105.1's Breakfast Club, took her head on in this recent clip. 

Here is Beyonce's Superbowl performance in reference: 

How do YOU feel about all of this?

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