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Wow, Find Out What This High School Girl Shared That Got Her Suspended!

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Sharing was always taught as a good thing growing up... "share with your brother" "make sure you share and be nice"... but this time sharing got one Highschooler in big trouble. And some are downright just furious about it!

A Dallas-area middle schooler was suspended for sharing her inhaler with a classmate she thought could be having an asthma attack Tuesday, according to reports. The student overheard her fellow classmate weezing and having a hard time breathing, so she passed her asthma pump. Little did she realize that would get her kicked out of school.

“I was just trying to save her life,” 

she said. 

“I didn’t know I was doing anything bad.”

Now both Indiyah and the as-yet-unidentified girl she helped will appear at hearings to find out how many days they’ll have to spend at alternative school. A school incident report obtained by the TV station identified Indiyah as the “perpetrator” who had a “controlled substance/marijuana.”

Now this child's mom is worrying the kids in the alternative school might "rub off" on her daughter and become a bad influence. 

The school did respond saying, 

A representative for Garland Independent School District did finally respond, after initial not, 

“It’s a prescription, and one student’s severity with asthma may not mirror that of the girl who let the other girl borrow hers... And that could have resulted in some pretty significant issues.” 

What do YOU think? Should the girl have gotten suspended and kicked out for sharing her pump? Or is she purely a class hero in act? You decide. 

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