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VIDEO: Runaway Slaughter Cow Runs Wild On Streets Of NYC!

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We can't help but to want to go Vegan after watching this...

A runaway cow escaped from a Queens Halal slaughterhouse and wandered around area streets. Now the video has gone viral....

Video captures a slaughterhouse cow’s run for freedomA runaway cow escaped from a Queens Halal slaughterhouse and wandered around area streets.
Posted by New York Post on Thursday, January 21, 2016

One comment that stood out to us on Facebook was from a man named Bob O'Conner, who feels this is a sign, 

I was thinking , if the cow was able to escape the slaughter house. Why don't we take that as a sign that it was not his fate / destiny , and set him free . send him to an animal sanctuary. some might say that this was an Act of God . And who are e to change his Fate. just a thought.
But some meat eating Facebookers were quick to debunk his theory,

 Bruh that's $2457 worth of meat !!! 

Someone even asks everyone to plead with the slaughter shop to spare him,

Please call Jamaica Archer Live Poultry & Meats Slaughterhouse at 718-657-2700 and ask them to spare him/her. A worker said she will be killed Friday. They are not returning calls to the sanctuaries who have reached out and want to save her.

Wishful thinking...

Police proudly captured the cow and took pictures before bringing him back to the slaughter house.

On Monday, a similar situation happened with a Goat, but his life was spared..

The goat broke loose from the slaughterhouse located near Merrick Avenue and 180th Street in Jamaica, Queens as well. When members of the 103rd Precinct’s Anti-Crime Unit got there, they immediately decided it could not go back to where it escaped from.  

Sgt. Mary Humburg and Officers Anthony Fernandez and Danny Gasperetti paid $40 to the slaughterhouse and took the animal with them. On Thursday, the animal was taken to an animal sanctuary.
Just a few house later, the cow broke loose...
What the heck is going on in those slaughter houses?

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