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Brady, The Untouchable One? (LOL) He's BACK &People Are Furious!

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Brady, the untouchable one? lol Some may say so. Especially now that the judge 86'd his suspension from "Deflate Gate," so he's able to play again.

In the judge's ruling, he basically says the NFL bungled the way it meted out justice, and pointed out 3 major legal problems: 
1) Brady was not given proper notice about the alleged misconduct or the potential punishment.  
In fact, the judge says Brady had no idea that "general awareness" of ball deflation by others or participation in a ball deflating scheme would result in the same enormous punishment as someone who uses PEDs.  
2) Brady was not allowed to ask questions to NFL Exec. V.P. and general counsel Jeff Pash. 
The judge says the NFL was "fundamentally unfair" by denying Brady's motion to question Pash. Most importantly, the judge was unable to determine if the Wells Investigation was "truly independent" from the NFL.   
3) Brady was denied equal access to investigative files, including witness interview notes. 

Brady always maintained his innocence. Last month, he sued the NFL to declare this. 

Last month Brady sued the NFL. Brady and the NFL Players Association filed the lawsuit in Minnesota ... and were seeking to vacate the suspension levied against the New England Patriots star by Commissioner Roger Goodell. Well, they succeeded! 
The NFL had claimed Brady cheated -- and then tried to cover up any traces of his involvement by destroying his Samsung phone. Brady has denied any wrongdoing. 
One NFL fan said, 
This is a HUGE pile of CRAP!!!! This is disgusting!! All of the evidence against him and he got nothing----Brady is untouchable and it pisses me off.
Do YOU think this is fair?

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