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We are almost positive you have seen photos of woman being shared across the internet of an almost invisible waist. What you may or may not know is that's the work of a "waist trainer." (Otherwise known as a "corset.")

Waist trainers seem to be a newly acclaimed "thing" but corset's have been around for years. 

Waist training is inspired by Victorian times when women wore a tight corset for hours at a time, giving them a fashionable hourglass figure. Today women wear the corset to the gym where it's referred to as a "miracle waist shape" or "clincher" on the premise that "it burns fat by making you sweat". 

Also, besides Victorian women who wore them as fashion statements, the concept of "binding" has been practiced for decades across the world, including in South Africa, by women who wanted to get their pre-pregnancy figures back. 

Besides the discomfort, experts warn that the compression restricts the lungs (making it hard to breathe) and can also cause joint pain and bruise the internal organs. 

In a German TV quiz show (Hirschhausens Quiz des Menschen) Dr Eckhart von Hirshhausen demonstrated the effects of wearing a corset for an extended period of time. His conclusion, after doing an MRI scan of a woman wearing a corset, was that it trapped the intestines and slowed down digestion. 

A fitness trainer, recently went into detail on this topic...

I posted this a week or so ago and apparently it offended more people than informed them... but I am now reposting it...
Posted by Krystal Rhodes-Skinner on Monday, August 3, 2015

Bottom line is, is this actually "training" your waist or really training your insides to move where the shouldn't? 

You may want to do your research and think hard before "training" your waist.

What are YOUR thoughts on "waist training"? 

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