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Could This Be TRUE??? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Returning To TV! DETAILS...

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90's lovers are rejoicing everywhere as news is breaking out that Will, Ashley, Carlton and the rest of the Banks family are set to have a reboot. 

But will we see all of our favs back on camera together? Not necessarily. 

Sources say Will Smith is not even scheduled to appear on camera. (What?!?) 

Ummm. A Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, with out Will? 

I think we need to see a sneak peek before totally committing, agree?

At this time, details of the spin off are minimal but from what we know already Will Smith is stepping in as an Executive Producer. At least he's a part of it somehow. 

This news comes just weeks after news broke about 90's sitcom, Full House, getting the reboot as Fuller House. Difference is, most cast members are set to return. 

What do you think? A Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ... WITHOUT the Fresh Prince himself? Hmm...

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