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Meek Mill Twitter Tantrum Against Drake -- Rick Ross & Chris Brown Chime In!! He Doesn't Write His Music??...

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Just after his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, went on her own Twitter rant which then included Taylor Swift... Meek Mill had his own tantrum and it ended up getting taken out on none other than DRAKE. 

Seems Meek is upset that Drake did not post a tweet in support of Meek's new album and feels he is fake for not doing so and not writing his own music... what?? 

But who was comparing him to Drake though?...
The Twitter rant eventually made its way to Meek's mentor Rick Ross, who took time out to chime in on the rant and oddly enough sided with Drake but soon deleted the post.

Could it be that Ross mixed up his tweet ? lol

And Drake’s longtime nemesis Chris Brown decided to throw in his two cents as well on Instagram (since deleted):

Rapper Roscoe Dash, who already had issues with Meek, even chimed in. Saying he tried to support Meek and work with him but Meek turned him down. Roscoe claims the tables have turned and now Meek is upset Drake didn't support him. 

We have done several reports on rumors of DRAKE actually writing for Lil Wayne so to hear he has ghost writer is a bit of a surprise. But then again even Beyonce has some help at times. 

This is not the first time Meek Mill was upset that a celebrity did not "tweet" a promo for his album. Just last year it was Wale he threw a Twitter tantrum for.

Drake did end up responding though, check out some updates below.

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