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Look Which Of Our FAV Couples Are Having A BABY...

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After 15 years of marriage, Iced Tea and Coco are having a baby!

US Magazine-- 

On Monday, July 27, his wife of 14 years, Coco Austin, revealed that she is pregnant! "I'm pregnant! Yah! Ice & I are so excited!," the mom-to-be tweeted, adding that she publicly revealed her news at a July 24 taping of the couple's new daytime talk show, set to premiere on Aug. 3.

Ice is 57, Coco 36. Ice already has 2 previous children and even a 20 year old grandson.

But they are ready to embark on their new journey, all filmed on video of course!

Their new show, Ice and Coco, which will premiere on Fox channels on Monday, Aug. 3.

Who's watching?

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