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Guess Which Of Your TWO Favorite Child Stars Had A HEATED FIGHT on TV? Watch Here...

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It was the battle of "Full House" vs the "Cosby Show" this week on the talk show, "The View" and everyone is talking about it!

Former "That's So Raven" and "Cosby Show" star, Raven Symone's eyes were about to fall out from all that rolling when she and former "Full House" star, Candace Cameron traded some heated words about gay marriage.

Raven came out as a lesbian few years back and Candace is a Christian Conservative so the two couldn't be more different. 

When discussing a recent incident that involved an Oregon wedding cake company refusing to provide services to a lesbian couple, the two stars got into it! 

Was this a decision based on the constitutional right of freedom of association, or was this a prime example of discrimination based on sexual orientation? 

Watch as the two women fight for their opinions...

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