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Is There A Difference? Civil Rights Leader Disguising As Black vs Bruce Jenner As A Woman?

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Everyone's talking about Civil Rights leader and NAACP President, Rachel Dolezal today. Her parents are calling her out saying she has lied about being of Black decent and that she REALLY is White. 

Did she lie or does she just love the Black culture?

Is there a difference in disguising yourself as a different race and disguising yourself as the opposite sex, such as Bruce Jenner?

All this talk has started because Rachel Dolezal's parents blew her cover.They claim she has been disguising herself as Black when she really is White...
As proof, Ruthanne offered up her daughter's birth certificate to theSpokesman-Review, which lists Ruthanne and Larry – both white – as her parents.  
"She's not being rational in what she is saying," Ruthanne told the Seattle Times 
Added Dolezal's father Larry, "She has so much to offer and so many positive experiences, it's not necessary that she would lie. Her advocacy doesn't justify or excuse her for misrepresenting her ethnicity."  
And while the family did live in South Africa for a while, "Rachel didn't even visit us while we were there," her father said. 

Rachel has been telling the public that a black man is her father. The NAACP posted to social media this photo and caption...

President Dolezal's father announced today that he will be coming to town for the January 19th ribbon-cutting ceremony for the NAACP office (25 W Main, Ste 239) and is expected to speak at the 7pm MLK tribute membership meeting (35 W Main, lobby).

And in an interview with KXLY 4, Dolezal did not answer when asked if she was African-American.

 Is she actually lying about being Black or just embracing Black culture so much, not really relating to her own?

But all in all does it REALLY matter if Rachel Dolezal is White? Any race can stand up for rights of another race, so what is different with Ms. Dolezal?

You guys took to your social media accounts to sound off. 

Some people say what is the difference with Dolezal portraying that she is Black and Bruce Jenner portraying that he is a female named Caitlyn?

Samsquantchin posted at 3:21 am on Fri, Jun 12, 2015.

If youre willing to accept that Bruce Jenner can be born as a man and identify as a woman, than you certainly must accept that Rachel can choose to identify as a black person. There are fewer physical differences across ethnicity than across gender. If you wont accept Rachel for the black person than she is, then you are a bigot, and shame on you!

What are YOUR thoughts on this?

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