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End Of A Legacy? What LeBron James Had To Say About NBA Championship Loss to The Warriors...

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The Golden State Warriors celebrated their first NBA Championship in 40 years last night after defeating the Cavs with a score of 105-97.

Now some are saying this loss is the beginning of an end of a legacy for one of the greatest players ever, LeBron James. 

Lebron has won two titles in 12 seasons. While Michael Jordan had fiver in his first 12 years with the Bulls and six in 13 seasons overall. MJ waited six years for his first title, while it took eight years for LeBron to get his. But Jordan then went six-for-six in each of his last full seasons with the Bulls, while LeBron is only one-for-three after winning his first (though he’s made the Finals each of those years).

It's almost like making the Finals is worse for LeBron than not, as it brings up the question of why he can’t win when he gets so close.
And close it was this year during the NBA Finals... but LeBron's team just couldn't make it happen. It's coming to a point where LeBron is even questioning himself, saying it's just  too physically demanding on his body. 
Well, of course you question it, especially when you get to this point. I always look at it would I rather not make the playoffs or lose in The Finals? I don't know. I don't know. I've missed the playoffs twice. I lost in The Finals four times. I'm almost starting to be like I'd rather not even make the playoffs than to lose in The Finals. It would hurt a lot easier if I just didn't make the playoffs and I didn't have a shot at it.
But then I lock back in and I start thinking about how fun it is to compete during the playoffs and the first round, the second round, and Eastern Conference Finals. If I'm lucky enough to get here again, it will be fun to do it.

LeBron said in an honest post game press conference. He added, 

But put my body through a lot, you know, but it's the price for your body feeling this way for winning. Did I win? I didn't win a championship, but I've done a lot of good things in this first year back, and hopefully I can continue it.

A lot has been made about how physically exhausting this series has been for LeBron, and rightfully so...
Business Insider--One sports scientist called LeBron's workload "unfathomable" and said the only thing that compared to it in sports was the Tour de France. LeBron averaged 45.7 minutes a game, or to put it another way, he rested for an average of 2 minutes 42 seconds a game.

Do you think LeBron is pushed way too hard? Is this is an end of a legacy for him?

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