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WHAT?! Self Driving Semi Trucks Hit The Road!

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Vehicles driving themselves? 

Yup, you are reading this right, self driving.... they have already hit the road, starting in Nevada, and they are not starting small... we're talking HUGE semi trucks! 

Freightliner Trucks - 
The trucks, from Daimler subsidiary Freightliner, were introduced to the public Tuesday in a ceremony atop the Hoover Dam and the manufacturer said two of the vehicles are being taken for test-drives on the highways of Nevada, one of only four states and the District of Columbia to have laws on the books allowing autonomous vehicles on the roads. 
The trucks use radar sensors and cameras to monitor surrounding traffic and lane lines on highways. Daimler said the trucks are driven by humans in city and suburban environments, but the truck can take over and allow the driver to focus on other tasks during long stretches of highway. 
Wolfgang Bernhard, head of Daimler's commercial truck operations, said it will be some time before the trucks are put into use for commercial purposes.
"We don't believe that everyone is going to jump on immediately," he told CNN Money. "It's a process." 
Sven Ennerst, head of Daimler Trucks' development department, said each self-driving truck will still have a human in the driver's seat -- at least for the foreseeable future.

What about REAL drivers though? Are they becoming obsolete? 

"We don't want to get rid of drivers," the head of Daimler Trucks told Wired. "We want to make their lives more efficient and more easy."

How do you feel about new self driving vehicles?  

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