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Tidal Executive Talks Jay Z and Beyonce Joint Album!!

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Jay and Bey were spotted coming out of a NYC music studio this week. 

After months of talk, allegedly the Carter's joint album is almost done and exclusively being released on Jigga's new music service, TIDAL.

A Senior Executive from TIDAL is finally speaking out and she isn't denying it...

When asked by Digital Trends about the couple dropping a joint album, TIDAL Exec Vania Schlogel says we will not be disappointed...

"I don't think we will disappoint our fans and our subscribers," she said.
 "I think it's going to be really exciting, because the artists do feel like they have the ability to collaborate and work with each other. They all work as a team."
Are they just teasing us?? Do YOU think a Jay and Bey album is in the works?

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