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She Got The Voo Doo For You... Chris Brown Posts Picture Of Naked Stalker He Found In His Home!

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Imagine you walk into your home and fin a stranger sitting in your bed... Naked! That's exactly what happened to singer Chris Brown recently. Not only that she helped herself to cooking in his kitchen, left writing on the walls and even a little Voo Doo! Can you say CREEPY?

Chris took a photo of this woman and blasted her on his instagram with this caption:

I get home and find this crazy individual in my house. She had broken the hinges off the doors. She Found time to cook her several meAls. She Wrote "I love you" on the walls. 
She threw out my daughters clothing as well as my dogs stuff. 
Then had all these crazy voodoo things around my crib. goes to show you how crazy people are crazy! 
And she painted her name on my cars!!!! I love my fans but this is some is on some real real crazy shit.
It is estimated that his stalker did about $100K in damage to Chris brown's house and his stuff. What would YOU do if you found this woman in YOUR home?


Chris' stalker is getting charged with 3 felonies. According to TMZ, Amira Ayeb is appearing before a judge for the first time since getting arrested in Brown's home on Wednesday night. She will be charged with stalking, vandalism and burglary.

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