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Mayweather Pacquiao Fight Fixed? Reporters Banned?

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. did it again but was it all pre-fixed up to happen that way? Some say yes!

He defeated Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision after 12 rounds for the welterweight world championship in Las Vegas, Nev. Saturday.

Mayweather, who is 38, is now undefeated with a record of 48 wins, zero losses and 26 knockouts. Pacquiao, 36, now has 57 wins, 6 losses with 38 knockouts.

"Manny Pacquiao is still a champion," Mayweather said. "He still has a lot left. I was the better man tonight -- more calculated fighter, took my time, had patience."

"I was a smart fighter, I out-boxed him," he said.

Pacquiao, who was born in the Philippines, believed he got the best of Mayweather.

"I thought I won," Pacquiao said in the ring post fight. "He didn't do nothing... I got him many times."

So, how does Mayweather stay undefeated??...

Pac man's Aunt and lots of fans claim the fight was fixed and people were paid off to allow Mayweather to win.

Mayweather hasn't responded to those claims but does plan to retire after his last scheduled fight in September.

Adding on more speculation, two of the most prominent women in sports reporting have claims of their own that Floyd banned from attending.

Michelle Beadle, of ESPN and HBO, and CNN's Rachel Nichols, who both have covered Mayweather's history of domestic violence, tweeted that they were banned from MGM Grand Arena by the Mayweather camp.

"While Mayweather is adored by fight fans, there is a much darker side to his story," Nichols said in her September CNN interview. "He has had a string of domestic violence arrests, citations, and in 2010 an incident that landed him in prison.

According to the police report, Mayweather grabbed the mother of his three children and, by the hair, punched her in the head several times, and threatened to kill her. This was all in front of his kids, who he also threatened to kill before one of them called the police."

Mayweather's publicist, Kelly Swanson, denied that Mayweather banned the journalists. .

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