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SMH: You'll Never Guess How This Pot House Got BUSTED LOL...

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This is one of those moments where you wonder... what the heck were they thinking!? Oh yea, they weren't lol

A home growing marijuana got raided because, well, they did not realize their roof was the only one melting off all of the snow on the block!

It caught the eye of locals and rest is up in smoke.

Find out what the town is talking about below...

HAARLEM, Netherlands--
Netherlands police said they were tipped off to an illegal marijuana farm when the heat from the resident's lamps melted the snow on the roof. 
Police tweeted a photo from the Feb. 5 raid in Haarlem, showing how neighboring homes were covered in snow while the roof of the home that concealed the marijuana plants was bare from the heat of the lamps used to nurture the plants. 
Investigators said the same method was used recently to root out pot farms in Zutphen, Arnhem and Amersfoort. 
"No snow on the neighbors' roof? You can report suspected cannabis farms anonymously," police said in the tweet bearing the picture of the Haarlem roof. 
Cultivation of marijuana is legal in the Netherlands, but the law limits residents to five plants per home.

So even though it is actually LEGAL where they live, they surpassed the limit of plants allowed. 

SMH, think they were getting high off their own supply?

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