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Bruce Jenner's Mom Speaks On Him Wanting To Be A Woman Since An Early Age!

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In case you have been under a rock, Bruce Jenner is allegedly working on his new docu-series which will document his life transitioning as a woman! Sources say he has known that he wanted to be a woman since the age of 5...

Bruce Jenner recently opened up to his family that he has known since the age of 5 that he was a female.
Family sources tell TMZ, Bruce told the klan he has kept his "true self" inside since he was a child, and even during the '76 Olympics -- when he was considered the greatest male athlete in the world -- in his head he was a woman. 
That said, we're told Bruce has "never been female" in front of any of his kids. As for what that means, we're told in part he never wore female attire around the children.   
Bruce has not told the Kardashians what his new name will be, and we've learned he will NOT reveal it during his interview with Diane Sawyer

Reports claim that Bruce decided on his life change about a year ago and his family members are supportive of his choice. 

He has already began his transition and even had a  laryngeal shave done, to tone down is adam's apple.

Even though Bruce has yet to address his life change publicly, his mom Esther Jenner basically sealed the case coming forward to the Associated Press...

AP: Have you spoken to Bruce recently about his transition? 
Jenner: It was brief and I said I was proud of him and that I’ll always love him. I never thought I could be more proud of Bruce when he reached his goal in 1976, but I’m more proud of him now. It takes a lot of courage to do what he’s doing.” 
AP: He has opened up in terms of his gender identity, which he is now owning, as opposed to hiding like so many transgender people have to do? Is that right? 
Jenner: That’s absolutely right. He said, ‘Mom, I’m still the same person.’ He said, ‘I’m still going to race cars, I’m still going to fly airplanes and I’m going to get my helicopter license.’
Sources say his Docu-series could air sometime in May or June and it's NOT controlled by ex-wife Kris Jenner. 

Will YOU be watching???

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