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New Person of Interest In Patriots Deflated Football Scandal! Owner FIRES BACK!

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So... the truth finally comes out? 
There has been so much talk about the Patriots deflating their own balls to win and everyone has had the finger pointed at them. But now all the fingers are now pointed at a new "person of interest," a locker room attendant! The person has been caught on tape handling their footballs AFTER they were inspected by the NFL... before the start of the game. 
Some are saying this is the Patriots "fall-guy" but maybe this person had his own interest at hand...
Could this be the end of "Deflate Gate"? Are the Patriots scot-free? 
Find out what the town is talking about below...

NBC Sports-- 
Last week, the NFL released a statement saying they were continuing their investigation into under-inflated footballs used by the Patriots during their AFC Championship game victory over the Colts to determine if the deflation was “the result of deliberate action” by the Patriots. 
Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady both denied any knowledge of what happened and Belichick offered up an explanation via scientific experimentation on Saturday, but Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the league has “zeroed in” on a team employee in their investigation. 
Per Glazer, the league has interviewed a Patriots locker room attendant who allegedly took footballs from the officials locker room after they had been inspected and approved “to another area on way to field” before the start of the game. 
There’s reportedly video of this attendant with the balls, although Glazer adds that the league’s investigators are “still gauging” if the attendant, called a “strong person of interest,” had anything to do with the deflation.

The Patriots owner Bob Kraft is now requesting an apology from the NFL...

At a news conference today at the site of the Super Bowl in Chandler, Arizona, Kraft expressed his disappointment at the treatment of Tom Brady and Coach Belichick, as well as the "media leaks" that have kept the story roiling. 
"I want to make it clear that I believe unconditionally that the New England Patriots have done nothing inappropriate," Kraft said. He also asked that the NFL apologize if its investigators find no wrongdoing in the case.

There seems to still be some questions unanswered though, like...
Did the Patriots ask this person to help them do this in any way?
If not, why did this person take the footballs to another area before the game?
Do you think it's possible he was in on a bet and did this so his team could win, therefore him winning money?
How about the refs?... Didn't they notice the difference in the feel of the footballs? Why didn't THEY say anything? Do they have anything to do with it?
What are YOUR thoughts on this?

Story still developing...

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