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Cop Cleared After Killing Un-Armed Eric Garner w/ Choke Hold! (VIDEO)

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Just days after MO Officer Darren Wilson received no indictment in the murder case of Michael Brown... a NYPD cop joined him in the growing number of police officers not getting indicted after killing an unarmed man. 

Find out what the town is talking about...


A Staten Island grand jury cleared an NYPD cop Wednesday in the chokehold death of Eric Garner during his caught-on-video arrest for peddling loose cigarettes, The Post has learned.

The panel voted a “no-bill” and dismissed all potential charges against Officer Daniel Pantaleo, sources said.

The blockbuster decision capped weeks of investigation by the special grand jury, which was empaneled in September specifically to review evidence in Garner’s racially charged death.

It was unclear exactly what charges prosecutors asked the grand jury to consider filing, or how the vote went. The grand jury could have considered a range of charges, from murder to a lesser offense such as reckless endangerment.

Under New York law, an indictment must be agreed upon by at least 12 members of a grand jury, which can have up to 23 members.

The medical examiner ruled Garner's death a homicide and found that a chokehold contributed to it. 

Cellphone video of Garner’s July 17 arrest shows Pantaleo wrestling him to the sidewalk on Bay Street, with the cop’s arms wrapped around the neck of the unarmed suspect. 

Garner's last words were, "I can't breath."

In a statement to NBC News, Officer Pantaleo said, “It is never my intention to harm anyone and I feel very bad about the death of Mr. Garner,” adding, “My family and I include him and his family in our prayers.”

NYPD Chief of Community Affairs said via Twitter that the NYPD is trying to regain the public trust,

U.S. Senator from N.Y., Kristen Gillibrand along with Senator Chuck Schumer, also tweeted,


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