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WHOA: The New Selfie Device That Will Land You In Jail!! You've Got To See This...

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According to reports, there is a new “selfie stick” device floating around and it could land some people in jail!

The device seems pretty cool, but allegedly not to officials in South Korea.

Find out what the town is talking about…


South Korean officials announced a "crackdown" on sales of unapproved selfie sticks could lead to jail time for sellers.

The country's science ministry said the Bluetooth-enabled devices, which allow users to take photos of themselves with extra reach, are classified as communications equipment and must be certified by the government to ensure they comply with regulations, including the level of electromagnetic radiation.

Officials said Bluetooth devices that don't conform to regulations could cause nearby devices to malfunction.

The ministry said a "heavy crackdown" is being carried out on sellers of unapproved selfie sticks and retailers found to be offering the products could face fines of up to $27,000 or up to three years in jail. 

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