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The Migos Respond To Getting Robbed By Fellow Rapper Chief Keef??! (VIDEO)

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Were the "Fight Night" rappers The Migos robbed by fellow rapper Chief Keef?? Find out what the town is talking about below…


Quavo of popular Atlanta group Migos was reportedly robbed of his infamous "QC" chain and another piece of jewelry after a performance in D.C. Saturday night.

According to HipHopSince1987, Quavo was in attendance at the Stadium Strip club with group members, Offset and Takeoff. After their performance, Quavo was allegedly approached by a group of men and a fight ensued. Fans took to social media to describe what happened. Some fans claim the rapper was severely injured after the attack, but none of the group members have confirmed or denied the incident.

Since then, Chief Keef shared a photo on Instagram of Quavo's chain with the caption, "What's this?" leading many to believe the rapper had a role in the robbery. The photo was then deleted, but has made its rounds on the web.

According to Kollege Kid, Keef has allegedly been at words with the Migos since last year when he thought they sneak dissed his daughter Kay Kay in a song.... but the whole ordeal may just be one big misunderstanding. 

Migos rapper Offset may have been making a play on words with the acronym of Klu Klux Klan. Offset just happened to leave out the third “K.” Offset was saying his diamonds were white like the Klu Klux Klan. 

Fast forward to a few days ago and a Keef affiliate Fredo Santana promised war on the "Fight Night" rappers for taunting a GBE member in Chicago. Then the Migos got robbed! Santana has yet to comment though...

Check out the video of the fight and robbery below:

After the video of the robbery and photos made it rounds across the internet, Quavo from the Migos posted his own video in response to the robbery. He is seen flossing money in the mall, claiming that he never got robbed!

So then how did his chain make it’s rounds all over the net?…

One fan said,

That chain got snatched off his neck during the scuffle!!!
Damn near everybody lose jewelry such as chains during a fight/scuffle!!!

What do YOU think REALLY happened? 

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