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MESSY MESSY!! The "Tyga/ Drake/ Blac Chyna/ Kylie Jenner" Feud Gets Ugly. The Rundown...

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The beef between Drake and fellow Young Money rapper, Tyga, apparently has been unraveling and getting really messy! One of the hardest hits came via Drake’s Instagram page. But wait… let’s see how this all started in the first place….


After Tyga revealing his personal dislike for Drake in his VIBE digital cover story, subtle shots at Tyga have been taken by Drizzy and his camp. The first line of defense took place on Instagram. Seemingly catching wind of Tyga’s disdain, Drake headed over to Tyga's ex and mother of his child, Blac Chyna’s, profile for a liking spree to simply get under Tyga's skin. Seems like it worked because this is where things get messy. Try and keep up:

Following Drake’s subtle shots through Instagram likes, Blac Chyna was still playing for the home team, aka Tyga. She tweeted where her loyalties lied:

But after Chyna seen her ex Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s couple Halloween costumes and all the rumors of their hooking ups... Blac Chyna had enough. 

Chyna then reciprocated Drake and went on a Drake liking spree on Instagram!

After which, Tyga made a proclamation on Twitter that someone wasn't his "hoe":


That’s when Drake went in for the kill! Posting a photo of Kylie chilling and him with the caption... “@KylieJenner in the cut.”

This isn't the first time Drake has chilled with Kylie either. Check out this pic of them getting all cute and snugly. Let's keep in mind this girl is UNDER AGE!

 Trying to catch more of Tyga's attention... Blac Chyna then went straight for Drake on her profile page, tagging him in seductive photos captioned with his lyrics.

Seems like Tyga can’t control any of his chics! After all this messiness betwen Drake, Chyna and Kylie, Tyga got real salty and hacked Chyna’s Twitter page! 

A series of tweets popped up on Blac Chyna’s profile, accusing the former stripper of being a “gold digger and a cheater”

Cyna then aired Tyga out, saying he hacked her account.


Messy! Messy Messyyyyy

When will this end? 

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