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WTF MOMENT: Fake Police Officer Pulls over REAL Police Officer! lol You Got To Hear This...

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You may have heard stories of fake police officers pulling people over for their own bad deeds, which you should definitely be watching out for. Maybe this guy should have been watching closer himself....
Check out what happened when one of those fake officers actually pulled over a REAL police officer....  

A motorist pretending to be a policeman pulled over a real officer for speeding, in a UK court.
Jonathan Weekes, 48, of Tredegar, put a blue flashing light on top of his Vauxhall Insignia as part of the ruse.
Newport Magistrates' Court heard he was shocked when he approached a car he had pulled over and saw a police officer in full uniform in the driver's seat.
Weekes was given a 12-month community order after he admitted acting falsely in suggesting he was a police officer.
The court was told the policeman said Weekes had followed him for four miles before he pulled him over in Cross Keys in September.
Sped off
He told the officer he had been speeding and said: "If you had been going any faster I would have booked you."
The court heard that when the officer asked Weekes what force he was with and where he was based, he gave a fake collar number before he drove off without any headlights on and overtook several cars at speed on narrow streets.
Weekes was traced through the car's registration number and when he was arrested at home, officers found police uniforms, batons and handcuffs bought on eBay as well as the blue light hidden in his shed.
He told magistrates that he had a "fascination" with authority figures but he "couldn't explain" why he pretended to be a police officer when he pulled over the real one.
Weekes also admitted driving without due care and attention and was banned from driving for six months and told to pay 85 pounds ($138 in the U.S.) and a 60 pounds ($97) for surcharge.

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