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VH1 Couples Therapy Split! Find Out WHO....

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What went wrong? Us Weekly exclusively reported that Juan Pablo Galavis and his girlfriend Nikki Ferrell had split, but who perpetuated the breakup and for what reason?

Sources tell Us that there has been trouble in paradise for the season 18 Bachelor and his winner for some time, but their rift intensified after the reality TV pair recently appeared on VH1's Couples Therapy.

"Juan and Nikki have been fighting," one insider says. The one to initiate the breakup was 27-year-old Ferrell, the source adds, noting: "It was not mutual."

Another insider familiar with the situation tells Us that the two wanted different things — a classic relationship killer. "Everything Nikki wanted, he didn't," the source notes. "She wanted to settle down and he didn't."

The reason for the split? Juan Pablo's inability to voice those eight letters: "I love you."

Would YOU break up with someone for the same reasons as Nikki did?

Watch Nikki and Pablo’s relationship unwind on VH1’s Couples Therapy along with other celebs -- Treach from Naughty by Nature, Deena from Jersey Shore, Porn Star Jenna Jameson, Evel Dick from Big Brother who found out he has the HIV virus, while on the show, and more!

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