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Dad Gives Daughter Major Public Lesson That Has The Town Talking! You Have To See This...

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What would you do if you found out your 10 year old daughter has social network accounts (against your will) and pretending to be a teenager?!

This father taught her daughter a public lesson that has the town talking…

Yahoo -

When Kevin Jones discovered that his 10-year-old daughter had created several secret social media accounts and was dating a boy, he was understandably upset. His response was to dress her in a pink T-shirt that reads: “I’m 10 Years Old” on the front and “5th Grader” on the back. She also donned barrettes, pink shoes, and a Sofia the First cartoon backpack. Jones posted photographs from all angles on his Facebook page as punishment for her rule-breaking, along with an update that reads, “Here’s the consequence behind her actions. An age-defining shirt. Yes people she is 5’9” & 10 years old.” 

His full post is below:

The result? The post went viral, collecting more than a quarter-million likes and 80,000+ shares and counting (not to mention 4,000+ comments). 

Most Facebook commenters have been supportive of Jones’s tactics. Precious Rorie Green wrote, “I love this. A real caring, loving, and concerned father.” Tosha Stephens added, “Kudos! Our daughters need more influential fathers like you! She’ll thank you in the long run!” 

...and more like "Kids don't understand the decisions we have to make as parents until they get old enough or have their own.. But if this is the message we have to send, then we'll make sure everyone gets the memo.. My hat's off to you Bruh..Job well done  "
Other commenters, however, have objected to Jones’s public form of punishment. Another commenter wrote, “I definitely don’t think the father’s intentions were bad, but whether he meant to or not he publicly humiliated this girl at an age where anything that happens to her is going to end up being very formative. And I think being shamed in front of all of the internet is a pretty big deal to a young girl’s self esteem. That’s something she’s going to remember forever.” 
She should remember it forever, or shouldn’t she?? What do you think? Lesson learned for the little girl?  

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