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DAY CARE KILLER CAUGHT! Man Kills 4 Yr Old & 13 Other Babies In Critical Condition After Hit & Run!

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04/10/2014 Robert Corchado, the suspect in Wednesday's fatal hit-and-run crash at a Winter Park daycare, is now in custody and is being processed at the Orange County Jail. Sources tell FOX 35 that Corchado turned himself in.

Here is a photo released of the girl who died. Her parents are now raising money for her funeral expenses. There goal? $10,000.... they have raised almost $11,000 so far! (and another $1,000 within minutes of posting this)

God bless this family.

UPDATE: 04/11/2014 Your donations have now raised almost 50,000 for this child! 


Some lunatic decided he was going to crash into a Day Care, kill and injure babies and flee the scene. What a tragedy for these parents. Help us find this guy!

Here is the official report: Officials in suburban Orlando, Florida, are searching for an ex-convict who they say is responsible for a crash yesterday afternoon (4/9/2014) that killed a little girl inside a day care center and left 13 others injured. 

Local television showed multiple people, including children, being wheeled away on stretchers Wednesday afternoon.

Small children and infants in cribs were evacuated from the building and deposited outside on the playground.

The Florida Highway Patrol officials say some of the victims are in 'very, very serious' condition.
In all, 12 people were hospitalized and two others were treated at the scene, said John Mulhall, a spokesman for the Orange County Fire Rescue. Six of the kids who suffered the most serious injuries were rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital. 

One person at the hospital was in critical condition and five others were in serious condition, said Katie Dagenais, a spokeswoman for Arnold Palmer. The name of the 4-year-old girl killed in the crash has not been released.

Two of the surviving victims, including a 3-year-old girl named June, were reportedly pinned under the car that slammed into the building and had to be extracted by first responders
Children who have escaped unharmed were taken to a safe place within a portion of the building that was not affected by the collision, and officials took a roll call so they could reunite them with their parents. 

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs called the crash 'an absolute tragedy and disaster.'

Police say a silver Dodge Durango crashed into a Toyota Solara convertible, which then struck the Goldenrod Road KinderCare at North Goldenrod Road and University Boulevard in Winter Park just after 3pm.

The Durango then took off from the scene, heading into Seminole County. The Toyota driver was not hurt.
Troopers have implored the public to come forward if they have any information about the vehicle or its owner. The 2004-2006 Durango had wheelchairs in the back and would have front-end damage and its front bumper missing. 

Just after 5pm, the Florida Highway Patrol announced that the SUV involved in the hit-and-run has been found abandoned, but the driver, identified as 28-year-old Robert Corchado, was not yet in custody. 

Authorities had initially believed the person of interest may attempt to flee the area by boarding a flight from Orlando International Airport,. 

FHP officials said he drove to the airport, rented a Mazda CSX-1 SUV with the license plate CHRQ41, and then left. Anyone who sees him is being asked to call 911. Cochardo is considered dangerous.

Corchado has a long criminal history. Court records cited by Orlando Sentinel show he was sentenced to three years in prison in 2010 for cocaine trafficking. He was released in 2012. 

Last December, the 28-year-old was arrested for heroin and cocaine possesion with intent to sell, and another hit-and-run involving property damage. 

In 2004, he was arrested on charges of extortion, conspiracy and tampering with a witness. A year later, Cochardo landed in police custody once again for allegedly making threats and extortion.

Authorities said Wednesday that they were searching for Corchado, who they believed was heading to Orlando International Airport in an attempt to flee the area.
A man answered the phone for a number listed to Corchado and hung up when he was asked, "May I speak to Robert Corchado?"
Gov. Rick Scott released a statement saying, 
"As a grandfather of three young children, I can't imagine losing such a precious life at such a young age. Today's hit-and-run was an act of cowardice, and members of the Florida Highway Patrol are working closely with local law enforcement to bring those who caused this crash to justice."

HELP US FIND THIS GUY! Share this post!!

He doesn't deserve to roam free, children are dead. 

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