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Lil Boosie -- the hood hero -- is finally a free man! The rapper has just been released from a Louisiana State Penitentiary where he's been locked up since 2009 on drug charges.  

31 year old Boosie -- real name Torrence Hatch -- was initially locked up on a marijuana charge in '09 -- but during his stay, he was busted attempting to smuggle drugs into prison -- so a judge tacked 8 years on to his original 4 year sentence.  

But Boosie caught a break and has been released early. TMZ is reporting that a rep for the penitentiary says Boosie will be on parole until 2018.

Over a year and a half ago though -- when Boosie was found Not Guilty -- fans and friends were hopefully waiting for their hood hero to be released at any moment. But it was taking FOREVER. spoke with Boosie's right hand man Webbie at that time about his release...

Now that Boosie is finally home, we should be hearing a lot more music from him and you know there are already lots of welcome home parties in the works.

March 10th he is scheduled to speak to the media at a press conference.
"He will absolutely be there," 
said a representative with Atlantic Records. 
"He'll be speaking to the press for the first time ... after his release."


Boosie spoke to BET about the rap game today and how he will be approach making his way back in...

"When I came home I turned on the radio it was like everything I hear is about money and millions of dollars, and bottles, and models, and things like that," 
"I don't hear people talking about single mothers, I don't hear people talking about kids trying to go to college and don't have the funds to go. I don't hear people talking about what's really going on in the neighborhoods, what's really going on period. You just really hear people mostly talking about themselves and what they got."
In the future, he aspires to spread out in different directions, like Hov has done with the Roc Nation record label, in addition to sports, film, and management ventures. Climbing up to Jay's level is a slow journey, and one that Bossie says he's ready for.
"I know it'll take a little time," 
he admits. 
"I'm from poverty, I'm never satisfied with anything I do. I'm just trying to stay focused and get to that status."

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