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Baby Stops Breathing On Airplane!

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Two similar stories happened within a few days of each other and let's just say they are a parent's worse nightmare! But theys DO have a happy endings...

Let's start with the US Airways flight that was diverted to Houston after a baby reportedly stopped breathing– with passengers on board coming to the baby’s rescue.
Flight 678 departed from Tampa International Airport Tuesday en route to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. As the plane neared Houston, a baby on the flight stopped breathing and turned purple, passengers told Phoenix's local Fox news 10. Two passngers with medical training responded, rushing to help.
As rescue efforts continued, the pilots prepared for an emergency landing. But the efforts of the rescuers at last paid off and the baby became responsive.
“When we heard the baby cry, it was just … it was a teary moment for everybody,” 
a female passenger told FOX10.
After the baby started crying, the passengers cheered.
The passenger was taken off the flight when the plane landed in Houston, and EMTs attended to the passenger, US Airways spokesman Liz Landau told ABC News. US Airways declined to release any information about the passenger.
There’s no word on the baby’s condition.
The plane landed safely in Phoenix at about 9 p.m. local time.
This story is oh so similar to another heart-touching story that happened in Miami last week....
Pamela Rauseo was stuck in traffic on a Miami highway Thursday when her 5-month-old nephew, strapped into his car seat behind her, stopped screaming -- and she knew something was very wrong.
"That was a red flag for me, because the car was at a standstill, and he'd had a little bit of a cold, and I knew that he was congested, so I got really worried," 

Rauseo said Friday of her nephew, Sebastian de la Cruz.
"I pulled over on the left, and I jumped to the back to check up on him, and he was out. He was sleeping, and I touched him to stimulate him. I got no response, so I took him out of his car seat, and he was completely limp and turning purple. I tried to call 911, but I was just so nervous, my hands wouldn't function."
Rauseo screamed for help, and fellow motorists responded.
Lucila Godoy was among the first.
"I was driving in the middle lane; she was in the fast lane, and all of a sudden I see her, and she's screaming and she's holding the baby and she's putting it up and down," 
Godoy said. 
"I just stopped the car and jumped out of the car, and I asked her what was going on, and we started working as a team."
Godoy had taken a CPR course when she was pregnant in Venezuela with her own son, also named Sebastian. (Go figure)
 "I didn't even think about it," 
she said. 
"I just hold the baby like my baby. ... When I heard her screaming 'Sebastian,' that was hard."
Soon, Sweetwater Police officer Amauris Bastidas stopped and helped the women perform chest compressions on the struggling infant, who resumed breathing on his own.
"Save someone's life -- that's my duty,"
 the officer, usually assigned to bike patrol at Dolphin Mall, told CNN affiliate WFOR.
 "My duty to act."
The baby had been born prematurely and suffered an unknown health emergency. But thanks to the quick action of so many strangers coming together, the little boy is recuperating at a Miami-area hospital. 
Hats off to all of these helping people who have everyone talking this week!

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