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CAUGHT ON VIDEO! Huge Brawl & Gun Fight Breaks Out On Set Of "Love & Hip-Hop" ATL! Benzino & Karli Redd Fire Back!

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Last week we heard rumors of a fight broke out at the grand opening of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Benzino and Stevie J’s new restaurant. And boy did it get ugly!

According to rumors, Benzino's ex and cast member of LHH, Karli Redd approached Benzino and his new girl and all hell broke loose. Rumors started flying around that Karli went to sleep from a single punch to the grill, goons started waving they guns and even Scrappy's mom, Momma Dee, pulled out HER pistol! Joseline's friend, reportedly got a gash to the head from a liquor bottle. Yea, it sounded reckless. 

Of course, the LHH producers got the whole thing on tape!

(Bezino and his new fiance)

But Benzino is claiming it didn't go down like the rumors say. Zino is trying to clear up the situation saying it was an isolated incident between just his ex-girlfriend Karlie Redd and fiancĂ© Althea Hart. "No guns, fists, or bottles thrown." Mmmm....

So how did Joseline's friend leave the party with this gnarly gash on her forehead? 

Homegirl (Joseline's friend) now has an open door to sue the sh*t out of VH1, "Love and Hip-Hop," Benzino and any others who were involved. Word is, the producers do not want any cast members partying with non-cast while filming now, because of this incident.

The leaked video of the fight clearly shows Stevie J along with LLHA co-stars Joseline Hernandez and Shay Johnson involved in altercations. You can also see Joseline's friend with her. And even though Benzino says their were no bottle thrown, Momma Dee states in the video about a someone being hit with one. 
Karlie Redd denies the whole thing all together....
“The reality is we are in a time when everyone wants their shine; their few minutes of fame – and I get that, but I assure you I was not involved in any fighting nor was I knocked out.” 
shared Redd in a statement.
Boyyyy, we can't wait to the new season starts!

You can watch the leaked video of the fight below:

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