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Justin Bieber Facing Jail Time AND Rehab After Police Raid!!? (DETAILS)

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Justin Bieber's iPhone and home was searched for clues about his alleged involvement in an egg attack on his neighbor's house, a detective told CNN Thursday.

Jan. 14 police raided Justin's Calabasis mansion to look for evidence that could connect him to the crime. During the search for evidence, police saw drugs in plain sight and arrested Justin's roommate Lil Za on possession charges. Sheriff's deputies also took Bieber's personal smart phone when they used a felony search warrant to raid his mansion.

The alleged egg-tossing attack happened on the evening of Thursday, January 9, in the exclusive double-gated Oaks community of Calabasas, California. It is home to A-listers from entertainment and sports, including the mother and children of Michael Jackson.

Deputies at the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station, which serves an affluent section of Los Angeles County just east of Malibu, have become familiar with Bieber, 19, since he moved into a $6.4 million home two years ago. Neighbors have dialed 911 several times to complain that the teenage multimillionaire was speeding down their residential streets in his high-performance cars. One neighbor accused Bieber of spitting in his face during a heated confrontation last March.

Deputies have responded to complaints about loud parties at Bieber's place. Except for warnings, nothing was done. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office concluded that they couldn't prove the spitting or speeding cases in court, so they declined to prosecute. Prosecutors also rejected a misdemeanor battery complaint from a photographer who accused Bieber of attacking him in the parking lot of a Calabasas shopping center as he was taking photos of Bieber and his then-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, in May 2012.

"We didn't do this search warrant to send a message,"

 Thompson said Tuesday.

 "That's not what we do, but we hope maybe that understanding the gravity of this will change some of the behavior."

 If detectives find evidence that Justin Bieber attacked his neighbor with eggs, they will present their findings to the district attorney for possible prosecution. This could happen in a few days or weeks, Thompson said. The estimated $20,000 in damage to the neighbor's house would make it felony vandalism, which could carry prison time.
After Justin's roommate Lil Za got arrested for drug possession during the search.. a new report is now claiming that Justin himself has a drug problem that allegedly has gotten so out of control that the people closest to him are urging him to go to rehab. The report is claiming that Justin is drinks sizzurp and also prescription pills, marijuana, and alcohol — and abusing them so badly that many are fearing for his health.

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