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"Bad Girls Club All Star Battle" Meet The Cast, Spoilers & Rumors! (PROMO VIDEO INCLUDED)

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14 of the show’s most esteemed alumni return to battle it out for $100,000, and the title of the Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.
"The “Bad Girls All-Star Battle” will combine the baddest girls from past seasons in an all-out mattress dragging and weave-pulling competition. 
Split into two teams; the girls will be pushed to the absolute limit each week in a series of fun and over-the–top physical and mental challenges. Each week, these memorable femmes will go head-to-head in the Captain’s Challenge, an individual competition earning control over the team and protection from elimination, and a Team Challenge, testing these feisty ladies skills at working together. While the losing team nominates two players to go up for elimination, the winners of the Team Challenge will get immunity, a night out at the club, and will decide which player to boot. 
Will these notorious ‘Bad Girls’ be able to work together as a team or will they let their egos get the best of them? "


Even though the cast is said to be of 14 girls, these are the names we have been hearing made it on the show...

  • CAST:  






Erika aka Lucci Vee




Amber Mead

and the Twins, Dani and Gabi.
  • SHADINESS: Evidently there was some shady shit going on, where they tried to FORCE beef and fights (Rocky, Dani & Gabi had twitter beef...but squashed it once they met.) 

  • ROCKY WALKED OUT ON THE SHOW?: She posted on Twitter March 7th, that her father died the night before the taping... BUT she claims that was NOT the reason she left the show. Raquel claims she left because it was shady as fuck... tweeting, "FU*K OXYGEN." Shannon also bashed the show saying, "being a competitor not a rat for cheese." 

  • NATALIE CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT?: Natalie was quoted in an interview with Radar Online speaking on the "BGC All Star Battle" saying, 
"I’ve done all this before, and now I’ve grown up and gotten married, so I thought I could take it in my stride, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I lost it when they f*cked with me and that was it."


Mehgan James vs. Natalie Nunn

Natalie vs Stasi
                                                 Rocky / Shannon vs. Flo

                             Mehgan, Rocky and Shannon are friends in BGC All Star.

  • SCRIPTED?: We all know that Reality Shows aren't always "reality" anymore and a lot of time "staged."  
We have actually spoken to quit a few reality stars, even from Ray J's VH1 reality love show, who support this claim.

But now Ray J is back on Reality T.V. hosting the BGC All Star Battle, tweeting and posting pictures about the new show... including what looks like a possible script! (or maybe his "hosting guide.")
Big moves with #Oxygen Shout out to Bunim/Murray


Here's the house where everything will be going down this time around...

Are you ready for the battle???

BGC All Star is set to air May 21st on Oxygen.

Let the battles begin!

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