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Consequence & Joe Budden Speak After Fight! Someone's Calling The Cops?!!

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Sucker slaps? Who does that?
The self-acclaimed "best ghost writer in the world" does, that's who! lol
The "Love & Hip-Hop" Reunion is getting pretty interesting. If you have not heard, rapper Consequence ran up behind Joe Budden at the reunion and hit him with a sucker slap. We hear, fellow cast-member and Joe's ex Tahiry replied with a quick snuff to Cons head.  
Joe Budden did not let it go there though... outside AFTER the show taping, Joe Budden and his boy caught Consequence back and it's all on video. Even though, Consequense hit him first, Con's wife and fellow "Love & Hip-Hop" cast-mate, Jen The Pen was screaming, "I'm calling the cops!."
Watch Joe Budden catches Consequense after "Love & Hip-Hop" Reunion video below:

After all this drama Consequense This is not the first encounter between these two guys. First Cons said he would fight Joe Budden in an interview... Then during different interview at HOT97, Joe Budden popped up, stepping to him after he heard Cons was talking trash. Cons did not seem so tough though, downplaying everything.

Watch the video below:

Now both Joe and Cons have spoken out since there fight, hear from each side below:

Can't wait to see this reunion!

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