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UH UHHHH! "Love & Hip-Hop" Star Arrested During Live Interview! (VIDEO)

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Reality T.V. at it's finest!

Throwing money around to new love interests on a Reality show... while not paying for your kids.... will definitely push a mother over the edge!

Vh1 "Love & Hip-Hop" star Rich Dollaz has been sought after for child support from his child's mother and still didn't pay up.

So when he did a club appearance in her home town of Memphis, she made sure police knew exactly where he was.

Watch what happens while Rich was doing a live interview...

And the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.... Rich's love interest on the show had her OWN altercation with an interviewer... only she didn't get the interview:

Love & Hip-Hop Star Goes Crazy, Threatens Radio Host!!

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