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Nicki Minaj Breaks It Off w/ Long Time Boyfriend? The Proof You've Been Looking For!!

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New year, new boo for Ms. Minaj???

After years of a some what of a "roller-coaster" of a  relationship with her hype-man/ assistant/ best friend Safarree aka Scaff Beezy, this might be the last straw for these two!

Here's why we think so... (or not)

#1: You may have seen Nicki around town with a new man on her arms, and Scaff is no where to found.. when she was ALWAYS with him....

So, who is this mystery man pictured below?

His name is Brinx, Nicki Minaj' new rap artist.

Is their new closeness breaking up Scaff and Nicki's relationship?  Or is it that Scaff is an artist himself and thinks HE should be Nicki's new artist?

#2: Nicki Minaj took about a month break from Twitter and while that was going on Scaff has not mentioned her not one time... He has been solely promoting his new projects as a rapper himself. It's extremely out of character for Scaff not talk about her AT ALL.

#3: Scaff changed his Twitter bio... from "A&R for Pink Friday" to "VsClarity vol.1 brooklyn coming soon.. 1st qtr." Totally eliminating Nicki from his page all together.

or #4: Is all a plot to make us pay more attention to Nicki's new artist Brinx?

Deep inside we are kind of hoping that Nicki Minaj and Scaff Beezy are still a couple and wish them the best. But what do YOU think is really up with all of this????


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