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Basketball Drama: Carmelo Anothony Responds To NBA Suspention After Fighting About His Wife, LaLa! (VIDEO)

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Things got a bit out of control on the Basketball court this week...

Carmelo Anthony was suspended one game by the NBA on Wednesday for confronting Kevin Garnett after the New York Knicks' loss to Boston on Monday.

Anthony, who was angry about Garnett's choice of words during a fourth-quarter altercation, went toward the Celtics' locker room after the game and later waited for Garnett outside Boston's team bus.

Anthony didn't believe he would be suspended because he said he was just looking to talk to Garnett, not fight. But NBA executive vice president of operations Stu Jackson ruled otherwise.

"There are no circumstances in which it is acceptable for a player to confront an opponent after a game," 

Jackson said in a statement.

 "Carmelo Anthony attempted to engage with Kevin Garnett multiple times after Monday's game and therefore a suspension was warranted."

Anthony will miss the Knicks' nationally televised game at Indiana on Thursday and lose about $176,700 of his $19.4 million salary.

Jackson said Anthony confronted Garnett "in the arena tunnel, near the players' locker rooms, and in the parking garage."

Sources claim Anthony told them it was a comment on court about his wife LaLa Vasquez, a former MTV VJ. Garnett got under his skin when he supposedly said,

“Your… wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

Allegedly, Anthony and Vasquez are estranged and having marital problems.

Anthony was clearly affected by Garnett,the Cletics took the win 102-96.

Check out the footage of the fight below:


The next day, Carmelo admitted that he "I lost my cool."

"There's certain things you just don't say to another man," 

Anthony said after practice.

"I felt like we crossed that line. We both have an understanding right now. We handled it the way we handled it. No one needs to say what was said behind closed doors."

Anthony said that he hasn't talked with anyone from the league and he doesn't believe that he deserves a fine or suspension.

"Nothing happened for me to be suspended...."I wanted to talk to KG. I thought it was something we both needed to get off our chests and see what the problem was. There was no altercation. Just some words and a conversation we needed to have."

This is not the first time Garnett got into it with a New York player, not too long ago he was fighting Brooklyn Nets player, Kris Humpries....

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