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Aww Another Celeb Break-up...

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Did you even know these two were a COUPLE?!

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana --- who have never actually publicly confirmed they were a couple ever since they became more than just friends during the making of  "The Words" --- are said to have broken up.

E! News is claiming the couple spent the New Year apart, calling it quits right before the holidays.

Doesn't seem like the break-up has Zoe feeling down though.... she was spotted in South Beach , Miami having a good 'ol time... writing on Twitter,

"Had the best time! Happy New Year. Miami rocked it last night!"

As for Bradley, he rang in the new year in Europe with family.

Sources say the two have been on and off ...

"They both have a lot going on right now....She has a bunch of movies coming out this year, so it was really important for her to be spending time with her family." 

Bradley Cooper has a big couple of months ahead of him because of Silver Linings Playbook and award season.

"He has to concentrate on that right now and needs to be focused," 

But the source says this may not be the end for the couple....

 "They very well could get back together," the source said.

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