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Another Day, Another Break-Up For Taylor Swift...

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Taylor seems to be having problems in the relationship area, ya think?!

Taylor Swift and her short lived relationship with One Direction singer,  Harry Styles is donzo.

Allegedly, the One Direction heartthrob got bored of Taylor because "she constantly talked about antiques” -- amongst other problems.

Watch out though, because as you know with Taylor... break-ups = new ex-boyfriend bashing song. Immediately after splitting from Harry Styles, Taylor was spotted entering the studio on Jan. 10 and tweeted...

 “Back in the studio. Uh oh…” 

We can only imagine the songs that Taylor will write about her romance with Harry.

An inside source says,

“Lyrics have been written, but Taylor hasn’t come close to deciding whether she’ll ever release them. A song about it will surface at some point but it won’t be anything like the way she had a dig at her other ex John Mayer in one of her other tracks."

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