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Year In Review: 2012's Most Talked About!

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What the town's been talking about all year long!

It has been one heck of year and we have been keeping tabs on everything. Check out, week by week, what was the most talked about of 2012.


Jan. 1-7: 2012 Starts Off With Drama!


Jan. 8-14: IT'S A GIRL! Blue Ivy Carter Is Here!


Jan. 15-21: No More Internet? New Bills Introduced!


Jan. 22-29: The Bets Are In.... #TeamGiants or #TeamPatriots?


Feb. 4-11, 2012: All About BLUE!


Feb. 12-18: Farewell To Whitney Houston



 Feb. 19-25: NBA AllStar 2012 Highlights & Performances



Feb. 26- March 3: 

Jay-Z Replaces Rihanna w/ Look-a-Like Because Of Chris Brown?


March 4-10: Peyton Manning's Tearful Farewell From The Colts


March 11-17: Dwight Howard's NBA Decision


March 18-24: Citizens "Stand THEIR Ground" For Trayvon Martin!


March 25-31: Biggest Mega Millions Jackpot In History!


April 1-7: NFL/ NBA Scandals O_o


April 8-14: Zimmerman In Custody Charged w/ 2nd Degree Murder!


April 15-21: Dead Celebrities Resurrected, Zimmerman's Out & More!


April 29- May 5: Celebrations &Tragedy


May 6-12: Chris Brown Disses Rihanna, Lil' Boosie's Verdict


May 13-19: Trayvon Martin's Last Moments &  Injuries Revealed


May 20-26: Last U.S. Shuttle Takes Off & More


May 27- June 2: Man-Eating Zombies In Miami?


June 3-9: Nicki Minaj, Lebron James, Ochocinco


June 10-16: Chris Brown & Drake's Bloody Club Brawl Over Rihanna


June 17-23: Lebron Gets His Ring & WTF Is Chris Bosh Doing???


June 29-30: 

Tom Cruise Divorce, Chris Brown Disses Drake & More!!


July 1-7: NBA Trade Madness, Where Is Dwight Going?


Jul 7 -14: DIRECT TV / Viacom Black Out


July 15-21: Dark Knight Rises Shooting


July 21-28: Micheal Jackson Family Brawl


 July 29-Aug 4: Team USA Breaks Records At The 2012 Olympics


Aug. 5-11: : Dwight Howard Makes Moves To L.A.!



Aug. 12-18:: Ochocinco &  Rihanna Shed Tears


Aug 19-25: Isaac Hits Hard


Sept. 23-29: Worst Call In NFL History! 


Sept. 30- Oct 7: FIGHTS! Nicki vs Mariah, Ross vs Jeezy


Oct 7-14: Feisty Politics & Celebrity Pranks!


Oct. 14-21: : Heated Presidential Debate #2



Oct. 21-27: TOP Halloween Costumes!!


Oct 28- Nov 3: Superstorm Sandy Causes Chaos


Nov 4-10: President Barack Obama Reelected


Nov 11-17: Sex & Football Scandals!


Nov 18-24: Thanksgiving Love & Brawls


Nov 25- Dec 2: Lindsay Lohan's Record Breaking Arrest &Tragic Murder


Dec 2-9: Royal Palace Pranks Gone Bad!



Dec 9-16: Sandy Hook School Shooting Kills 20 Children



Dec. 16-22: The End Or A New Beginning? 


Dec. 23-29: Celebrities End 2012 With A BANG!



Dec. 31: Kanye West Confirms Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant!




2012's Most Searched Celebrities, Trends & More!

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