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Should You Have To Pay @Drake To Use The Phrase "YOLO"?

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Do we owe Drake money for using YOLO?

Seems like everyone is trying to profit off Drake's popular catch phrase, "Y.O.L.O" (You Only Live Once,) and he wants his check!

The 26-year-old rapper posted an Instagram shot of several "YOLO" hats for sale, writing,
" gotta either chill or cut the cheque."

He also posted an Instagram shot of "YOLO" on a Charlie Brown T-shirt, with the caption...

"Macy's...same goes for you."

Drake popularized "YOLO" in his 2011 song "The Motto.

But according to sources, even though Drake made the saying popular, he is not the first to use it...

The earliest known use of the acronym is attributed to Adam Mesh from the third season of the NBC reality show The Average Joe. Mesh launched the “You Only Live Once” (YOLO) clothing line on March 20th, 2004.

One Instagram user says,

A T-shirt company applied for trademark in the 90's for "YOLO GEAR YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!" On the show The Average Joe, in 2004, Adam Mesh created “You Only Live Once” (YOLO) clothing line. The strokes done it also in 2006, so it belongs to them more than you...You should be paying them royalties then if you see it that way? 

 Should everyone have to pay DRAKE to use YOLO? What do you think?

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