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Royal Baby Madness: Prince William & Duchess Kate Pregnancy Illness, Hoaxes, Family Reactions & More!

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A baby  has taken over the royal palace and it's causing mayhem!
The Duchess of England, Kate Middleton, is officially pregnant! She was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, a rare and dangerous form of morning sickness that can turn pregnancy into a living hell.

Asmiling but pale Kate Middleton mouthed the words “much better” Thursday after she was discharged from a London hospital.
Prince William’s pop, Prince Charles, said he was delighted by the prospect of becoming a granddad.
“I’m thrilled, marvelous,”
 the 64-year-old heir to the British throne told the BBC. 
“It’s a very nice thought to become a grandfather in my old age, if I can say so.”

Even though Charles among Queen Elizabeth were both impersonated just a day before by two radio djs, pranking the hospital in a major security breach.
Charles laughed the incident off but not sure everyone else has....

The hospital is outraged and the palace investigators are still wondering how in the world the two djs were able to pass security and actually speak with Kate's personal nurse?! Listen below as she revealed sensitive details as to what was going on with Kate's illness...

The djs have since apologized.
Now that Kate is out of the hospital.. for the next few days, Kate will reportedly continue on a regimen of anti-nausea tablets and an IV drip to keep her hydrated, the British papers reported.
Experts say Kate’s illness is more acute in women who are carrying twins, but the palace has not divulged any details about her pregnancy.
Their baby would be third in line for the throne..kicking his or her uncle Prince Harry down a notch. The child would also be the first grandchild for Prince Charles and the third great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth.
William and Kate wed April 29, 2011. His mother is the late Princess Diana.

UPDATE: Prank Gone Wrong: Prince William & Duchess Kate's Hospital Receptionist Found Dead!

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